RNR Marketing started its professional activities in Cyprus in July 2016, with the beautiful town of Limassol being chosen as its base. Being new, fresh and rapidly growing, RNR was created with the purpose of using an alternative form of communication, advertising, marketing and direct sales in order to fill up the need of the local community of Limassol and through it of the whole Cyprus.

Our mission is:

Firstly: The achievement of the goals of the clients and Businesses we represent, by increasing their market share, clientele and recognizability, as well as their quality of public relations and customer service to their customers.

Secondly: Our mission is for our partners to enjoy a happy friendly and youthful environment as well as to learn, progress and get better every day, through the guidance, support and thorough training of high standards that we provide with the most effective training system.

Our goal and target for the next 5 years is the creation of a large anthropocentric organization that will be based in Cyprus, covering all the country’s towns as well as to expand abroad, to countries such as Malta and Portugal, as well as countries of central Europe.

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